Meeting Update


At our last meeting we decided to us the groupme app for future communications.  We also decided to meet at the fire station at 911 Hollywood St. On Monday, January 18, 2016 for our meeting.  This is an adventure that works toward advancement in rank for all levels.  On January 30th the pack will meet at the North Shore Senior High parking lot to distribute Food For The Hungry Doorhangers (flyers).  The following Saturday February 6th we will meet at 10:00 collect the food donated by the neighborhood.  If you have any questions please call anytime.

Thank You,


Overnight Lock-in

Hello,  we will have our overnight lock-in beginning Friday around 6:00 pm.  After everyone gets there we will order pizzas.  When we wake up on Saturday morning we will have a yummy breakfast.  All you need is your sleeping bag, flash light and some extra clothes for the next day.  If your children would like a particular snack please bring it with you.  I can’t wait to see everyone!!

Committee Meeting Update 10-26-2015


Last night at our committee meeting we decided to cook breakfast as a group for our camping trip.  We will be making breakfast tacos.  Please text me and let me know if you would like to bring sausage, eggs, cheese, tortillas, milk, juice, or plastic baggies.  Also, we will need someone to bring bread, ham, cheese, chips, and any condiments for sandwich making for lunch on Saturday.  We will meet at the camp sight located at Cedar Hill Park Lake 1275 Charlotte Rd.  Wallisville, TX 77597.  If you need any directions please contact Mr. Cruz, Mr. Carl, or I.    The website for the camping location is    IF YOU NEED TENTS OR CAMPING STOVES please let me know and Mr. Carl can help us with that.  For any reason the weather will not allow us to go camping we are getting permission to do an overnight lock-in at the church.  We will have activities working on adventures and earn some belt loops!!


Youth Protection & Den Leader Training

YPT Training can be done online and takes between 20-30 minutes and will last for 2 years.  All adults must complete this training to go camping!  This training is important for our recharter and teaches us how to protect the boys and ourselves.  Please email me at your certification so we can put it on file.  Go to and create a new account.  The left side will show you a list of online training options.  If you accepted a position as a DEN LEADER you will use this same website to take leader specific training.  1st grade is Tiger Den, 2nd grade is Wolf Den, 3rd grade is Bear Den, and 4th-5th grade is Webelos.  If you have any questions please contact me.


Monthly Calendar

I will get the calendar onto the website.  Also, I will have copies for all new families at the next meeting.


Popcorn Sales

All popcorn sales must be turned in by November 7th.  If all scouts sale 1 bag of popcorn they will receive a patch.

Bobcat Badge

The following is a link to the requirements to complete the Bobcat Badge.  This is the first rank each boy will earn.  You can work on this at home and we will continue to work on it at the meetings as well.

If I have forgotten anything from our meeting please text me and I will update this post.  Have a great week!!!